Comfort air conditioning

It is impossible to imagine life today without air conditioning and it is not surprising. At any time of the day, this allows you to adjust the climate to your personal preferences. The right temperature and humidity have a positive effect on productivity, performance and concentration on the shop floor. Working in a building with comfort air conditioning keeps everyone fresh, fitter and more alert.

Air treatment equipment

Air treatment can be used in larger industrial premises. With our air treatment systems, air can be dried or humidified, heated or chilled, refreshed and filtered.

Computer cooling

We also supply precision air conditioning to cool server rooms. Naturally, you can count on us to deliver an excellent service in the event of a calamity.

Precision air-conditioning

Precision air-conditioning controls the temperature and humidity to a precise degree to ensure the operation of sensitive equipment and the prevention of static electricity. In data centres and switching areas of GSM networks this form of air-conditioning efficiently ensures the continuous availability of computer systems at an affordable cost. Modern precision air-conditioning guards your valuable IT equipment!    

Modern day computers consume a lot of energy, the processors do important work 24/7, 365 days a year. High energy consumption leads to high temperatures and as computers only operate reliably at temperatures around 24°C, cooling is essential. The more efficient the cooling system is, the less electricity is consumed by the computer area.  

Small computer areas

As businesses grow, the servers are often placed in a separate room or rack. The compact precision air-conditioners offered by Celtic Cooling fit anywhere and are designed for years of continuous and error-free operation.

Data centres

Data centres run day and night and create large amounts of energy, therefore cooling is essential for these areas. Our modern air-conditioning systems with hybrid technology save more that 40% in energy costs.

High-density data centres

The hotspots that can be produced by blade servers in high-density data centres can affect the reliability of your IT environment. Precision air-conditioners offered by Celtic Cooling  combined with re-circulated air and liquid cooling removes the heat load with chilled water.

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Headquartered in New Vennep in the Netherlands, we have six offices worldwide in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
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