Climate control

All cold rooms need their own, specific climate to store the product concerned. The climate is determined by the type of installation, the relationships between the evaporator, condenser and compressor, the layout and any additional equipment. The latter can include driers or humidifiers, but also aeration systems or heating elements. We are happy to advise you on the most suitable system for your product.

Dimensions, types and models

Cold rooms are available in all dimensions, types and models. They are equipped with aeration systems in order to remove unwanted substances from the room or to dilute them to the right proportion. Rooms can also be made gas tight, in order to preserve the exact climate required in the room (known as CA or ULO rooms). In high ion-level rooms, no bacteria can grow or distribute, whereas in cold rooms with what are termed quiet evaporators, there is barely any airflow for the safe storage of highly sensitive products.

Cold rooms for selling flowers

A cold room for selling flowers is subject to different requirements. The condition of your flowers remains priority number one. However, your employees and customers must still feel comfortable inside the room, which means no drafts, unpleasant smells or noise, but the right temperature and humidity for the flowers. You can implement your own choice of interior design to create an appealing sales environment.


The ideal temperature

After harvesting or before transportation your product should be cooled to the ideal preservation temperature suitable for your specific product. We have a great amount of knowledge and experience with the various possibilities for pre-cooling.


Pallet pre-cooling with a tarp system

This system is used extensively for the simultaneous cooling of a number of pre-packed product pallets. The pallets are lined up in two rows against a pressure suction wall and the top and front sides of the pallets are covered with a specially designed tarp curtain. Axial type fans are located behind the pressure suction wall, these draw cooled air at a high velocity through pallets. This ensures that the product pallets are cooled simultaneously to the optimal preservation temperature.

Box or crate pre-cooling

Another efficient method to pre-cool fresh products to their ideal temperature, is to directly after harvesting and packaging pile these export boxes or crates in front of a pressure suction wall. The pre-cooler cools one pile simultaneously. This method is often used for products like flowers and fresh vegetables.

Vacuum cooling

The fast cooling of fresh products can in many instances be achieved by vacuum cooling. The warm product is positioned into a vacuum chamber and the air in the chamber is suctioned out. Through this process the warm moisture evaporates out of the product and the heat is thus removed from the product. This ensures a fast product cooling time and also results in a longer preservation life. Read more about vacuum cooling


Seed drying and storage

Specific optimum conditions are required for the drying and storage of vegetable and flower seeds in order to ensure the quality of the product. Celtic Cooling is specialized in these types of preservation and storage installations. The correct and required humidity and temperature is controlled via our software. The key to successful seed drying and storage is to have the correct drying, cooling, humidifying, lighting and heating conditions. Our experience in this field has ensured us being awarded with various projects both nationally and abroad.


Tailor-made storage facilities

Specific knowledge is required for the growing, storage and processing of agricultural products such as potatoes and onions. Selection of the correct storage system is critical in the design of the storage facility. Important question that we pose to you are:

  • What product do you want to store?
  • What is the required storage capacity?
  • What is the shelf life of the product?
  • And the storage method: loosely piled or in boxes?
  • Should the product be cooled or heated?
  • Is there a sorting and packing area required?

All these factors will influence the layout of your unique storage facility.

Suction systems for slotted crates

For the drying and storage of potatoes and onions in slotted crates the suction system is a good solution. This system sucks the air through the boxes between two single or double rows of boxes. By closing the top and opposite sides, the air is drawn through very evenly.

Loosely piled

“Loosely piled” is the oldest type of storage. Especially for potatoes, onions, shallots, red beets and cereals this type of storage is common. Ventilation is achieved via above or below ground ventilation ducts. This method required a relatively small investment.

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