Service & Maintenance

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Customer service support

We are proud of the excellent reputation and continuous availability of our service department and we know how important this is for you. Whatever the problem is, you can count on our professional service. After all, unexpected faults or defects cannot be ruled out and we will do whatever we can to resolve them quickly for you.

TeamViewer: remote assistance

With TeamViewer Quicksupport, we offer remote support, wherever you are in the world. Within a few seconds, we provide a secure connection with your computer or server, so that we see in real time what you see on the screen. Software installation or handing over your administration rights is not required. Ideal to provide remote help immediately if you need it. Once the problem is resolved, you cancel the session and the connection is broken. Click on the icon to start the support session.

Durability and quality

We are well known for delivering high-quality goods and services. This is highly valued by our customers. Although investing in a top-quality installation may be slightly more expensive, the eventual operating costs will be considerably lower due to lower energy-consumption and a longer economic life. Naturally, Celtic Cooling has NVKL accreditation and is recognized as a specialist in refrigeration and climate control. Proof that we use high-quality, sustainable and safe working methods.

Maintenance contract

Regular maintenance prevents many problems. Furthermore, regularly maintained equipment is considerably more energy efficient. In addition, it will extend the working life of your installation and safeguard its reliability. Smart and regular maintenance definitely repays itself. Therefore, many clients purchase a maintenance contract with us. Interested? Let us explain the possibilities, even if you did not buy your equipment at Celtic Cooling.

Celtic Cooling abroad

Our branches abroad are well organized and therefore deliver the same level of quality service and maintenance as our headquarters in the Netherlands. The national and international warehouses of Celtic Cooling are well stocked with the most common spare parts in order to resolve any faults quickly and effectively. All sites work with motivated and technicians with great expertise. Most foreign technicians were trained in the Netherlands.

More information

Do you want to know more about the different maintenance contracts and the professional service of Celtic Cooling? Please contact us at +31 25 2240950 or send an e-mail to


Celtic Cooling Branches
Headquartered in New Vennep in the Netherlands, we have six offices worldwide in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
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